We Work With Materials

At Preece Machining and Assembly, we understand the importance of ensuring that the right materials are being used for each project.

There are many factors that should be considered when choosing which material to use. Degree of strength, heat resistance, weight, corrosion resistance, and density are just to name a few. While striving to provide our customers with the highest quality of parts, we have worked with a wide scope of materials in order to give our customers exactly what they required.



Low carbon steel that is commonly CNC machined for parts that do not require a high degree of strength or hardness.


Alloy steel with high tensile strength, good toughness, and excellent ductility.

Stainless Steel


Alloy steel with high corrosion resistance, making it a great option for CNC machining parts that will be exposed to harsh environments.


Alloy steel with high corrosion resistance, making it a great option for CNC machining parts that will be exposed to harsh environments.


The majority of stainless steel 303/304 is utilized in the machining of screws, nuts, and bolts, as well as aircraft fittings.


CNC machining stainless steel is known for its high strength and corrosion resistance. CNC parts made from this material are commonly used in aerospace, medical devices, oil refineries, and food processing equipment.


Stainless steel 15-6 is a highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a wide range of characteristics that are utilized as stainless engineering steels, stainless tool steels, and creep-resistant steels.



Aluminum 6061 is a popular choice for flooring, ramps, and staircases since it has excellent corrosion resistance and toughness.

Mic 6

The aluminum mic 6 is used to make assembly jigs and fixtures, weld fixtures, hydro press form blocks, and drill jigs.

Aerospace Alloy

2025 & 7075

CNC machining is a high-strength aerospace alloy that is used in aircraft fittings, landing gear, and other structural components.



Polycarbonate is a high-performing thermoplastic that is utilized in a wide range of building and construction products, including windows and skylights, wall panels, and roof domes.


Polysulfone can be used in a wide variety of applications, including food and beverage processing. It is suitable for medical and food preparation uses where repeated sterilization is necessary because it is resistant to deterioration from hot water and steam.


ULTEM plastic is widely used for electronics. This is because UTEM has fantastic arc resistance and dielectric constant.


Because of its durability, hardness, and inherent corrosion resistance, PEEK is employed in a wide range of products used in demanding applications like bearings and piston parts.


Derlin is used for industrial parts exposed to a moist or wet environment, such as pump and valve components.


G10 plastics are ideal for applications in extreme temperature or moisture ranges because they have very high strength and dimensional stability. Electrical insulator materials are made of them.


Teflon is frequently utilized in nonstick cookware and other household applications.


Because of its strength, low-temperature tolerance, and scratch-resistant surface, ABS plastic is utilized on dashboards, wheel covers, and body pieces.

High-Temperature Alloys


Inconel is highly resistant to heat and oxidation, making it ideal for use in the oil and gas extraction industries.

Invar 36 is popular in measuring devices, precision mechanical systems, laser components, and thermostat rods.


Monel is a copper-nickel alloy and has applications in the oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries. It's also used in instruments and frames of eyeglasses made of metal.

Copper Alloys

Copper Alloy Copper 101

Copper is a highly versatile metal, with applications in almost every industry imaginable. It is commonly used in the telecommunications industry and has an enormous economic impact. Because it is an electronic grade alloy, it is a heat and electricity conductor of high quality.

Copper Alloy Copper 110

Copper 110 is utilized in transformers, switchgear components, and other hardware with high electrical conductivity.

Copper Alloy Brass

Brass has a variety of uses due to its special characteristics, including corrosion resistance. Brass is commonly used in applications that require little friction, such as fittings and tools.



Titanium 6al4v has been widely used in the aerospace sector for compressor blades and casings, owing to its excellent specific strength to weight ratio.

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