Preece Machining and Assembly can do it all. From small unit assembly to bulk product production, we not only strive for precision, but to build long term relationship with our customers. We  utilize CNC technology to produce your products efficiently and cost effectively.

We are a local, small business located in Boulder, Colorado who understands our community and their needs. In a fast growing economy and industry, we work personally with our customers to to give them superior products at a superior price.


Give us a call to discuss the wide variety of services we provide to help your business grow, such as:

  • CNC Machining – large and small batch
  • Custom prototyping
  •  CAD and CAM Design
  • Turning/Grinding
  • General Machining
  • Circuit Assembly
  • SMD and Reflow Assembly
  • Manufacturing Assemlby
  • Industrial Computer Assembly
  • Molex Connection Production