Preece Machining & Assembly is a precision milling shop and are consistently pushing the limits of our machines. We really enjoy working closely with our customers to provide the parts they need. In a fast-growing economy and industry, we work personally with our customers to give them superior products at a superior price.


Our Machine Capabilities:

Our VF4SS has the following capabilities:

  • A work envelope of: 50 in x 20 in x 25 in (1270 mm x 508 mm x 635 mm)
  • 30+1 Tool pockets
  • Renishaw Probe
  • 1000 PSI through spindle coolant
  • HSM
  • Dynamic center point control
  • 12000 RPM spindle

Our VF2 has the following capabilities:

  • A work envelope of: 30 in x 16 in x 20 in (762 mm x 406 mm x 508 mm)
  • 20 tool pockets
  • Renishaw Probe
  • HSM
  • 10000 RPM spindle

The Renishaw Probing System

The Renishaw probing system helps deliver high quality parts by helping us probe work offsets that would be traditionally difficult. The probing system also enables us to program the probe within our CAM software. We frequently use this ability to provide in process inspection which helps us reduce inspection costs which we pass along to our customers.