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Our Machining Services

Preece Machining and Assembly offers precision machining and milling services for a wide variety of industries. With experience in: food and beverage, medical, automotive, semiconductor, optoelectronic, defense, aerospace, satellite, and R&D (research and development), we are well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to ensure that you receive only the highest quality of parts.


We specialize in prototype and low volume production machining and enjoy the challenges that these projects can bring. Whether it is an exotic material or very tight tolerances, we are willing to give each project everything we have. We are capable of handling projects of any upfront cost or quantity, and have the technical experience to fabricate very complicated parts.


We also offer various metal finishing, anodizing, gold coating, custom optical finishes, heat treat, and more. Contact us to discuss our services and capabilities today, and let us know what you expect from your next machining project.