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Why Choose Us

Preece Machining & Assembly offers precision machining for aerospace industry and commercial customers across the country. We offer the same project capabilities and experience as a large shop with the personal touch of a small company. Located in Boulder, CO, we are proud to serve our customers throughout the Denver metro area and the greater Front Range.

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Our Standards

We have the technical experience to make even the most complicated of parts and have a rigorous quality manual and standard that we uphold. Our inspection capabilities are unparalleled and we care about meeting deadlines for your peace of mind. Count on us for support and experience today!

Capable of Handling Any Project

Our secure and ITAR compliant quote form allows us to provide an accurate quote within 24 hours that offers different lead times and pricing options.

With full First Article Inspection capabilities and AS9100:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 certification,  we strive to only provide thoroughly checked parts of the highest quality to our customers.


Our Equipment

At Preece Machining and Assembly, we are aggressive with how much material we remove during our fabrications and enjoy pushing the limits of our machines to provide our customers with competitive prices for their parts.

Mitutoyo CRYSTA Apex V-Series CMM

Quality is the at the core of what we do here at PMA. We inspect every part that is produced in our shop on our Mitutoyo Crysta Apex CMM. Fully equipped with a Renishaw PH10MQ articulating head to reach tight or difficult areas without custom styli or star probes. Full first article inspection and 3rd party inspections are common place.


The VF-4SS, with its 12,000 RPM Spindle, 1000 PSI spindle coolant system, and full part probing feature, allows us to have high-volume production with shortened cycle times to improve our customers experience.

HAAS VF4 SS - Precision Milling center - Small Hole Machine
HAAS VF2 - Precision Milling center


Similar to the VF-4SS, the VF-2 is a high performance machine that gives us the ability to drill small, deep holes with its 1000 PSI Spindle coolant system and 12,000 RPM Spindle for extra small tooling.

Hyundai Wia L2100SY Lathe

Our Hyundai Wia L2100SY lathe is a production work horse. Equipped with a LNS bar feeder and dual spindles this machine can handle part quantities in the thousands. In addition to dual spindles the machine has Y-axis milling capabilities. Allowing PMA to produce high complexity, high volume production runs.

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Industries served


Aerospace and Defense

Preece Machining & Assembly proudly produces parts for the aerospace and defense communities. The quality standards required in the aerospace and defense industries are rivaled by none other. PMA handles the entire life cycle of part production: CNC machining, outside processing, and first article inspection. Preece Machining & Assembly is the shop you can trust for your mission critical or flight components.

Semiconductor and Opto-Electric

Preece Machining and Assembly produces CNC machined components for the Opto-Electric and semiconductor industries. We have seasoned machinist that are not only familiar but comfortable with the unique requirements of this industry. Specifically, when is comes to high vacuum and laser optics threads our skilled CNC staff has the know how to provide competitive service. This industry, unsurprisingly takes advantage of some of the most exotic materials on the market. We are committed to learning and mastering these materials along side our customers.


Lasers with CNC machined parts

Commercial Products

CNC machined parts are widely used in commercial industries and Preece Machining & Assembly is the partner with the experience you can count on. We have produced parts for robotic arms, automated conveyor systems, food and beverage as well as many others. When you need a CNC shop that has experience solving problems, we are here for you.

Life Sciences and Medical Automation

Life science automation is where Preece Machining & Assembly first began to get traction in the competitive world of machining. Unlike most of  the other industry customers we serve, our Life Science clients are not required to manufacture their products in the United States. We have found that our Life science and Automation clients can achieve results locally they never thought were possible. PMA produces CNC machined components faster and of higher quality than our overseas friends. We have had the opportunity to produce end effectors, reaction vessels, and assembly fixtures for many big names in life science and medical automation companies around Boulder and the United States.



Get started today

Contact us to discuss our services and capabilities today, and let us know what you expect from your next machining project. Thank you for choosing Preece Machining & Assembly!