High Volume Production

Get Parts Fast

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Increase Efficiency

Is your CNC milling shop overloaded with work? Are you looking to reduce CNC machining costs without sacrificing quality or delivery time? Then high volume CNC machining might be just what you need. Preece Machining & Assembly (PMA) is a precision milling shop that has high volume production services. Order low-cost, precise rapid prototype CNC machine parts for your business in the aerospace or defense industry by choosing PMA. We understand how important getting parts faster can be for our customers who need high precision CNC milling at low prices and short turnaround times.

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Part of what makes us a great choice as a high-volume CNC milling shop is our state-of-the-art equipment and high-volume production processes. We provide our computer numerical control clients with accurate parts, low CNC machining costs, and short lead times with our high volume production services. Pushing the limits of our equipment, we use powerful optical coordinate-measuring machines (CMM) to read reports and photos, creating accurate results for our customers. Our VF-4SS allows us to work shortened cycle times, thus improving our clients’ experiences. For those who need tiny tooling, our VF-2 is a high-performance machine that excels at meeting extra small requirements.

Reduce Costs

The most significant expenses associated with CNC machining are machining time, start-up costs, material costs, and feature costs. With high volume production from PMA, we can simplify your CNC process and reduce your machining time with our Keyence XM-1200 and VF-4SS. PMA milling works to produce complex prototypes in a broad range of metals and plastics. Because our powerful automation makes CNC machining easy, when you work with us, it will feel like you have an entire supply chain team on your staff. Eliminate slow, antiquated processes that are costing you money, choose PMA to speed up your development cycles and projects.

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Get started today

High volume CNC machining is not for every CNC machining job, but there are times where it is the best option. If you want to get parts faster while keeping costs down, high volume CNC machining could be the solution. Choose Preece Machining & Assembly and contact us for more information about how we can help you in the aerospace and defense industry.