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High Volume Production, High Quality Standards

High volume production is often the end goal for many of our prototyping customers.  While the benefits of producing more parts at once may seem obvious, Preece Machining and Assembly can save our customers more money than our competitors by leveraging technology. Our attention to detail and our streamlined CNC machining process allows us to seamlessly move from prototyping to the production phase . Our customers can request updates on their projects at specific intervals to ensure they are meeting their deadlines. Our ERP allows us to easily build and pull from inventory to ensure delivery and quality.

Our ISO9001:2015 certified CNC machine shop is built from the floor up to handle the quality and cosmetic requirements of your production CNC project. We invest heavily in technology to ensure we collect the most accurate, real-time data possible. Whether its production scheduled down to the minute or detailed quality plans for your project, we have a solution you can rely on. At PMA our quoting software, our ERP, and our quality software are synced together to provide a service that's transparent and reliable.


Build To Inventory

Purchasing more than you need can be expensive, especially if your CNC machined product is taking up shelf space. The Solution? Let Preece Machining & Assembly manufacture and build to our inventory. You tell us how many parts you need and at what frequency you need them and let us handle the rest. The best of both worlds: Get your CNC machined parts when you need them all while getting the production pricing that you need to be competitive. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about inventory management solutions.

Reduce Costs

The start of a project always begins the same: Request for a quote, or RFQ. Once a RFQ is received, our custom quoting software allows us to analyze the geometry and highlight possible problematic features. Our team is instantly notified of the pending RFQ and the process is started. One powerful feature of our quoting software is the ability to easily quote many different quantities of the same part for our customers to demonstrate price saving opportunities.

The most significant expenses associated with CNC machining are machining time, set-up costs, material costs, and inspection. As the volume of a project increases, the more time can be allocated towards increasing the efficiency of every aspect of part production. Each area of the project that can be optimized results in savings passed along to our customers. We are able to pin point these areas consistently with our dedicated, highly skilled team of machinist and project managers.

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High volume CNC machining is not for every CNC machining job, but there are times where it is the best option. If you want to get parts faster while keeping costs down, high volume CNC machining could be the solution. Choose Preece Machining & Assembly and contact us for more information about how we can help you in the aerospace and defense industry.