About Our Team

Established in 2018, Preece Machining & Assembly is a precision milling shop that consistently pushes the limits of our machines. We enjoy working closely with our customers to provide the parts they need. In a fast-growing economy and industry, we work personally with our customers to give them superior products at a superior price.

From our founder

I founded PMA while studying Electrical Engineering at CU Boulder with the intention of doing R&D (research and development) and helping my customers bring their projects to life. Through this process, I machined many parts and discovered a discipline that I fell in love with. PMA slowly became more of a machining company than an R&D one, and now we almost exclusively do machining and inspection for the aerospace and defense industries. We love a challenge. Whether it’s a difficult exotic material or very tight tolerances, we are willing to give each project everything we have.

Our Work